Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You paid for it

If you're like me, yesterday in the mail you probably received a slick flier from Mickey "Call me at the office tomorrow" Kearns/Paladino. What you may not know is that this free advertisement for Mickey was mailed at taxpayer expense. You know how expensive it is to mail letters these days. Imagine mailing one to everyone in your district. This is one of the scams New York State lawmakers use to keep themselves in office for decades at a time. People are so uninformed, they will almost always vote for the person with name recognition. And don't think these used car salesmen don't know it.

It's one of those Albany tricks Mickey campaigned against when he ran for office as a "reformer". The purpose of the flier was for Mickey to "introduce" himself to residents. No introduction necessary. Kearns is the same guy we had in there before him and the guy we had in before that guy. Status quo 100%.

With email and Facebook and Twitter, there is no need for taxpayers to pay for nonsense like this to arrive at your door step. What a complete waste of our money, a paid advertisement for an incumbent. As a man who campaigned against the Albany insiders, Kearns/Paladino should apologize and use his campaign money to reimburse the taxpayers.

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