Friday, March 1, 2013


An alert reader of the blog sent us this picture of Brian Higgins' Yes-man Chris "11,000 Doors" Fahey enjoying three hot dogs at Ted's this afternoon. The good Catholic boy must have forgotten today was a Friday during lent.

By the way, what's up with Higgins' most arrogant followers wearing their little white scarves in public? These guys will do anything to try and make themselves appear better than the rest of us. You wear a scarf like that to Hoppers and you might end up hanging from it. Newsflash: Despite what you keep telling each other, you guys are not celebrities. Stop taking our hard earned money and get off the public sector payroll.


  1. Although not one of the fold as such I must remind you the " not eating meat on Friday edict" is a certain man- made rule that is suggested to be done by the loyal followers With that said I'm sure other" sins" can easily found by all the just standing back and watching these " holier than thou " and bettrr than the rest of us. What is the significance of the white scarf?? I didn't get the memo. As always keep up the good work and fight the good fight..

  2. Yes, when I was a Catholic, I never followed that rule either. I was taught that it was ordered by some pope hundreds of years earlier to help revive the struggling fishing industry at the time.