Friday, September 30, 2011

Wack pack's NFL picks: week four

Week four is upon us. The leaves are falling and the Bills remain undefeated. It's becoming a horse race. All three of our degenerate gamblers are neck and neck, with only one game separating them. Let's get right to this week's predictions from our all star panel...

The Ninja

The Ninja is coming off a 2-2-1 week. This week, he likes Detroit, Buffalo, Baltimore, Minnesota, and his beloved Arizona Cardinals. The Ninja told a great story this week about his time in Arizona. He put an ad in the local paper for displaced Bills' fans when the Bills played the Cardinals out west. He told everyone to meet at a local restaurant. Much to his surprise, the place was packed with former Buffalonians. He said he felt like he was back home again. It's funny how people stay loyal to their teams, even when they move.

Last week 2-2-1
Overall record 5-4-1

Buddy "the Book" from Amherst

Buddy had a tough week. His meeting with Belichick did not produce the outcome neither one of them expected. New England pulled a "Jim Keane" and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Buffalo. Buddy predicts a different story when we travel to the not so friendly confines of Foxboro. This week, Buddy likes Kansas City (+72.5), San Diego, Dallas (he's also on good terms with Jerry Jones), Buffalo, and Arizona. I cannot tell Buddy which teams the Ninja picks because the two are fierce rivals. Buddy considers the Ninja to be bad luck. There was brief talk this week of a bet between the two on the final standings but it didn't go anywhere.

Buddy is also predicting Bishop Timon by 13 over Springville this weekend.

Last week 1-3-1
Overall record 4-4-2

The Rooster(with help from MacGavis)...


The rooster commented on his two adversaries both taking Detroit last week. He commented that "they must not have heard of the over 40 bet against" and this week "we will see if they learned anything." While hanging out at Molly's on South Park Avenue, the rooster said he ran into two former baseball players from St. Patrick's (Bill and Ray). Bill was a very good player, but Ray's best moments came off the field. Rooster says he was kept on the team at the request of his Uncle McGiven. It was on the bench where Ray learned about the 30-30 bet from coach Gethinger. (If a team scores more than 30 points two weeks in a row, bet against them the following week. ) The Patriots were a 30-30 pick last week, which is why the Rooster cashed in on Buffalo.

New Orleans is both a 30-30 as well as an over 40 (what the Rooster calls a double whammy). The only problem is they are playing against a Jacksonville team that couldn't beat Kenmore West. Ray says it doesn't matter. Take
Jacksonville (+7.5), he says. Also, the Rooster says to go with the Chargers (his pick to win the AFC) (-7.5) over the lowly Miami Dolphins. The Giants are traveling West after a big win over Philly last week. MacGavis is predicting a letdown. He says go with the Arizona Cardinals (+3.5). While wondering what the hell a Packer is, the Rooster is taking the Packers (-13) and predicting a rout over the once mighty Denver Broncos. Finally, MacGavis thinks the Bills jaugernaut is due for a letdown. Therefore, he is calling for Ickie Woods to score twice in a Bengals (+3.5) victory over the Bills. Let's hope he's wrong.

Now for the important games. The Rooster thought Timon was playing a different Wilson team last week (as did I). He says the Wilson team they did play couldn't beat Mount Mercy and he accuses the young Comerford of scheduling nonleague games against "patsy's". I say a win is a win is a win. I do think playing against St. Joe's, Canisius, and St. Francis will be tough for our local boys, since these schools are known to buy their recruits.

In fact, the Rooster says he is willing to donate $1,000 a year to go towards football, err, "academic" scholarships at Timon. He is challenging other alumni to do the same. With 4 or 5 good players a year, the team can become a powerhouse. A great sports program is a major selling point to incoming students.

Last week: 3-2
Overall record 5-4-1



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