Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mayor's name removed from firetrucks

Deputy Mayor Brown is not the first politician to put his/her name on a building, sign, community center, etc. It's been done for years by many, and I'm glad people are finally speaking out against it. Incumbents have enough advantages in our current political system. There is no reason to have their names pasted on anything. All it does is perpetuate the belief that the office is theirs for eternity.

In a typically tacky move, Mayor Casey had Brown's name put on all the new firetrucks. Thankfully, the rank and file put an end to this nonsense through a Facebook page. (Incidentally, the Mayor's puppet, Mike DeGeorge is already talking about taking this page down). If you ask me, our empty suit Deputy Mayor gets an A for politics and an F for leadership. He's terrible...


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