Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NFL:The Ninja goes 3-2 in week two

The Ninja went 3-2 this week with his week 2 football picks and to hear him tell it, you'd think he went 5-0. He's referring to himself in the 3rd person as the next Pete Axthelm. He was even spotted over at Hillery Park teaching youngsters how to run a spread formation offense. 5-0 or 4-1 I can understand, but 3-2? I don't see the big deal, but the Ninja claims to have risen, and he has declared war on Buddy from Amherst, who he refers to as a "false prophet".

In other notes from week 2:

-I predicted Buffalo would win on a late 4th quarter touchdown and look what happened. Fitz is connecting with everyone. The secondary is where the team still has defects, though. Leodis McKelvin couldn't cover a Pop Warner receiver. Can we have that draft pick over? As I said, Fred Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick are winners and they showed it again on Sunday. At least this year, it looks like punter Brian Moorman won't be the team's MVP again.

-Michael Vick lost two fumbles and threw a bad interception in the Eagles loss to the Falcons (his old team). What puzzles me is that people still consider him to be a great quarterback. He carries the ball around like a loaf of bread. If Fitz caused three turnovers, the fans would be calling for him to be replaced.

-Oh, by the way, Marshawn Lynch had 11 yards rushing for Seattle this week against Pittsburgh. It's a good thing Jackson was his backup. I still remember laughing when Bills' coach Chan Gailey said last year that Lynch was great at catching passes out of the backfield. I know as little about football as I do about politics, but I can tell you this: Lynch couldn't catch a cold out of the backfield. No word yet on whether he has struck any pedestrians with his car in the greater Seattle area.

- After two games, Baltimore's Lee Evans has a total of two catches for 45 yards. Good thing he demanded to be traded out of Buffalo.

-Roscoe Parrish might be done for the season with an ankle injury. It's a shame because I think he would have been a great third receiver. As it stands, he's the Bills' equivalent to Tim Connoly.

-Finally, the Kansas City Chiefs have named Baby Joe Mesi's father as their starting quarterback for next week.


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