Friday, September 9, 2011

Missing signs in Clarence

It's always funny when people make a big deal about their signs being knocked over or stolen before an election. It looks like we have a sign battle going on in Clarence...

Weiss filed a complaint with the Sheriff's Office, based on a resident who reported seeing individuals attempting to take pro-Weiss signs. The detective bureau investigated and interviewed witnesses but determined "we possibly did not have sufficient evidence to make an arrest," said Scott Joslyn, chief of police services.

The Sheriff's Office also shared its information with the District Attorney's Office, which determined there was not enough evidence to prosecute, Joslyn said.

And this qualifies as news? Who cares? Every year, I hear this same story. People have been making this complaint since political lawn signs became popular. If you're that worried about it, start using cameras and film the signs that are being repeatedly knocked down/stolen. Political signs are really annoying and an eyesore, if you ask me. I'd like to see every town in Erie County ban them until two weeks before an election.

Clarence board race becomes clash over campaign signs


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