Monday, September 12, 2011

The Amish Rifle

This is an encore presentation from last season. I like the current Bills better than the ones who made the Super Bowl four years in a row. These guys seem like better guys, although maybe not better players. I like Fitz, though.Four TD passes yesterday...

I thought this was a funny story in today's Buffalo News regarding Ryan Fitzpatrick's beard. Some of the Bills' players are calling him the Amish rifle...

The days are numbered for the shaggy beard of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Bills' quarterback, who has been growing his beard all season, said he will shave it off after the season-finale against the New York Jets on Jan. 2. Fitzpatrick's beard is very full around the mouth and chin and splotchy on the sides.

Bills cornerback Drayton Florence has been calling him "the Amish Rifle." Fitzpatrick was asked Wednesday if he has been invited to take part in any Civil War reenactment festivities. (He hasn't.)

"I think there are probably plenty of people who want me to trim it or cut it up, especially of the female variety," Fitzpatrick said. "I've gotten a lot of different comments and stuff, [like] 'how does your wife deal with that?' But it's part of it. She's along for the ride."

Asked if his wife is counting the days until he shaves it off, Fitz said: "Yeah. I think so."

I like Fitzpatrick, even though his beard makes him look like one of the ZZ Top band members on crack.

He seems to have the leadership skills the Bills needed at the position. Hopefully, he'll keep churning out touchdown passes as well as butter...

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