Friday, September 2, 2011

Assembly debacle

If Brian Higgins has his way, you won't be able to vote and this man (Chris Fahey) will be annointed NY State Assemblyman. Don't believe them when they say they are looking out for you. They want someone they can control. Does Fahey look like someone they can control? Look at this picture and you tell me.

I love it when the politicians tell us that we need more "representation." How are they representing us when they're the ones who handpick all of the newcomers from their Yes-men? Mark Schroeder announced a few weeks ago he would be stepping down so our neighborhood wouldn't have to go without any representation in Albany. In other words, they would pick Schroeder's successor through the Democratic Committeemen/lowlifes they control. The only problem was that Crackawanna Mayor Norm Polanski had more committee hacks in his corner than Higgins' handpicked stooge, Chris Farley. So, then all of a sudden, our representation wasn't important anymore and Schroeder decided to postpone his resignation. If this is representing us, please give us less representation...

When Assemblyman Mark J. F. Schroeder last month announced plans to resign Wednesday, his pledge hinged on Democratic leaders naming a successor candidate and the expectation that a special election would produce a new representative in Albany as soon as possible.

But Schroeder didn’t resign Wednesday. Though he would not specifically point to confusion over leadership in the Erie County Democratic Party, he noted that no efforts to settle on a candidate were evident and that plans for a Nov. 8 general election never materialized to his satisfaction.

“Plan A did not work,” said Schroeder, the unopposed candidate for Buffalo comptroller who is ensured election in November.

By "plan A", Schroeder means his and Higgins' attempt to circumvent the democratic process. Instead of the voters choosing between Mickey Kearns, Farley, and former Crackawanna mayor Norm Polanski, plan A would have Brian Higgins and company anoint their hand picked stooge (Farley) to "represent" you. Don't be fooled by their dirty tricks. They can all go live in a van down by the river...

Amid Democrats’ disarray, Schroeder sits tight

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