Monday, September 5, 2011

Buffalo News endorsements

The Buffalo News
came out with their endorsements this week for the Buffalo Common Council races. There are four contested races this year and the News endorsed all four incumbents. What a shocker!

This includes 25 year incumbent Dave Franczyk. They must think this is going to be the year he comes up with ideas to improve the Fillmore District.

How many people on the News' editorial board actually live in the city? I think we all know the answer to this. Thank God their daily paper is dying and most people get their news for free online these days. I would encourage all future challengers to incumbents to boycott interviewing with News. It doesn't matter who the more impressive candidate is anyway. The News has an agenda (see their stories about Carl Paladino as proof). They pick the candidates that benefit them the most and those candidates are almost always the incumbents. Save your seventy five cents and buy the New York Post. It's a much better paper.


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