Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Self promoting mayor

According to the attached article, mayor Byron Brown has his name plastered all over the city. As I've stated many times on this blog, Brown is much more concerned with politics than he is with any kind of leadership. To the people who voted for him in the first election six years ago, you were duped. A little research would have shown you his record in the New York State Senate was very uninspiring to say the least...

Office entrances. Gateways to city facilities. The shirts of many city lifeguards. Banners near the downtown waterfront. Some crime surveillance cameras. Lobby displays that promote literacy. Even a Zamboni at a city ice rink.

"He has his name on everything except for the City Hall urinals," quipped one former city official.

The exception to these blatant acts of self promotion are departments where the city rips of it's citizens (ie. Parking Enforcement & Taxation). The mayor is careful not to have his name anywhere near these offices.

His critics drew the line this week when Brown tried to have his name put on the city's new firetrucks, an honor previously bestowed only on fallen firefighters. It makes you wonder whether this administration has any shame whatsoever. He's been in office now six years. Can anyone honestly look back and think of a time when Mayor Brown has stood out as a leader? He's one of the least dynamic people I can think of. Talk about pathetic. We're living in the 3rd poorest city in America and we're being led by a circus clown...

Building the Brown brand


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