Friday, September 23, 2011

Wack pack's NFL picks: week three

Week three is upon us. The Bills are 2-0. Bishop Timon is 3-0. And the Ninja, Rooster, and Buddy from Amherst are in the thick of competition. I'm hearing talk of tearing down the goalposts if the Bills end their losing streak against the hated Patriots this Sunday. Look for 80,000 security guards near the sidelines should it be close during the 4th quarter. I would love to go down there and try and climb the posts for the iconic photos that would inevitably follow. However, I have to ref. Without further adieu, here are this week's picks from our panel of experts. They've all been given their medication as well as a weekend pass to Orchard Park...

The Ninja

Still celebrating last week's 3-2 record, the Ninja is looking forward to this weekend. He says my blog has lost it's edge. To which, I agree. I don't have as much time as before and can't hurry art. All I can say, is I do my best with the time I have. This week, the Ninja is going with Houston, Philly, Detroit, Green Bay, and the Miami Dolphins.

Last week 3-2-0

The Rooster (with help from MacGavis)...


The Rooster
was seen at OTB this week and noticed uncle Magiven sitting in the corner. Uncle Magiven has been known to hang out with royalty and this time was no exception. Macgiven was with "The Earl of Kelliville". I'm pretty sure Kelliville is somewhere over in Ireland.The two old masters of wagering were discussing the free halftime buffet at Griffins (Abbott Rd. and Alamo Pl.) and discussed the "over 40 bet against". (If a team scores more than 40 points in a given week, you bet against them the following week). On this info the Rooster is going against the Lions this week. He is taking the Vikings (+ 3.5 points), the Steelers (-10.5 points), and Philly over the Giants. The Rooster says this game will prove to the Blogger that Mike Vick is a great quarterback. He also says Cam Newton and Carolina (-3.5) will blow Jacksonville away in front of 7,000 faithful fans in Jacksonville. Finally, the Bills. The Bills are on a roll and Mike Cejka is predicting showers for Sunday. If Shawn Merriman can get after Brady, if the weather is bad, and Giselle's man has trouble handling slippery balls in the rain, the Rooster thinks the Pats are ripe for an upset. But Belichick will remindhis boys that the Bills should have won last year, if Leodis Mckelvin had half a brain. So against his better judgement and before the "cock crows three times"(before the 3rd week of football) the Rooster has picked the Bills (+ 9 ) three weeks in a row! The last time this happened, the he and MacGavis both weighed less than 300 pounds. That was 20 years ago.

Finally, the Rooster and MacGavis think Timon's luck will run out this week against Wilson. They are going with the Rochester school by an astonishing 13 points. Last week, I thought the Wilson team Timon was playing was the Niagara County school in Wilson, NY. I had predicted a Timon victory. Because I know nothing about the Wilson team from Rochester, I'll be steering clear of any predictions, although I hope Timon does well. I wonder if the Rooster predicted the pouring rain coming down as I write this, ten minutes before kickoff? That could affect that outcome of any game.

Last week

Buddy from Amherst

Buddy likes Miami, Detroit, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and his beloved New England Patriots. He met with his close and personal friend Bill Belichick at the airport and took him out to the Buffalo Chophouse. There, they discussed the game plan and Belichick picked Buddy's brain on a few things. Buddy asked me to convey this message to any Bills' fans out there. He wanted me to tell you not to get too excited. Remember, he "warned you" about Belichick 20 years ago when he was the Giants defensive coordinator (wide right anyone?) He says little has changed and the Pats receivers will put on a clinic this Sunday at the Ralph.

Buddy also weighed in on the Timon-Wilson game. He predicts the Tigers (led by his nephew at starting quarterback), will win by 7 points.

Last week


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