Sunday, July 31, 2011

Letter to the editor- Signs

I've held the same opinion as this letter writer for a long time. Politicians should keep their names off of public signs. It would be wrong to single out Deputy Mayor Brown. He certainly is not the first person to use signs as free advertising. They all do it. It's nice to know there are people as fed up as me. Patty Doyle of Elma wants to use duct tape to tape over their names. I hope this is a trend that spreads...

Politicians names don't belong on signs

In last Saturday’s Off Main Street column, Frank Maddock said that Mayor Byron Brown’s name does not belong on the new surveillance camera signs. He’s absolutely right, but we should go one step further. Every politician’s name should be removed from every sign on public property. I am sick of seeing politicians’ names plastered on signs at parks, buildings, etc.

Too expensive to replace the signs? I’ll donate the duct tape needed to cover up the names of Brown and all politicians who think they deserve to have their names on taxpayer-funded property.

The article ends by saying that Maddock “suspects ego may have something to do with it.” No doubt.

Patty Doyle



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