Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Taken on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 by Patrick Blake. Who is the lowlife scum in this photo ticketing cars at South Buffalo youth soccer games? Wednesday is the league's busiest day and the Buffalo parking losers were out in full force to harass the working,tax paying parents in Cazenovia Park.

This is nothing more than a money grab. Kevin Helfer should be ashamed of himself. Mickey Kearns: You need to get involved and stand up for your constituents. This is a clear abuse of the law and goes against all common sense. Next week, I think it might be time to give the jackass in this photo a warning of our own. Megaphone. Check. Two dozen eggs. Check. Super soaker guns. Check.Camouflage gear. Check...Even the real police officers can't stand these guys, from what I'm told...


We'll be putting a guy named Carl Spackler in charge of these parking varmints. We'll see how many tickets they write after that...


  1. I heard it through the grapevine that it's the olmstead folks pushing for this and the mayors office got sick of hearing the olmstead people bitch about it.

    I don't want to take away the wonderful job the group is doing on park upkeep but they have to let the parking go..

  2. PS how about some more creative arts programs in south buffalo, not all the kids are into sports and there needs to be more available right here to keep kids busy. I have to drive into allentown for theatre of youth, down to albright knox for an art class and then my son plays sports in the neighborhood. Dance only goes from sept- june. So that leaves the 50% of kids who aren't interested in sports with nothing to do most of the summer without having to leave the neighborhood. The botanical gardens have an art class but it fills up quick and isn't offered for kids under a certain age. Tift farms has a nature program but it's expensive. So are the arts classes. Do you know if the new development in molroy park will have any thing for arts or nature or is going to be all sports like everything else in this neighborhood?