Friday, July 8, 2011

Eliminate the Legislature

I think if the average person paid attention to things, the days would be numbered for the entire Erie County Legislature. Last Fall, voters overwhelmingly voted to reduce the size of the body from 15 to 11 members. The Democrats and Republicans cannot come up with a plan to do this. They don't seem to get the concept that, if the Legislature is reduced by 4 seats, 4 people will have to leave the group.

As I've pointed out in the past, the group does nothing now, that the all volunteer Board of Governors did before at no cost. Instead, we pay each lawmaker $43,000, we pay for their satellite offices, and we pay for their staff. Buffalo police officer Barbara Miller-Williams made a complete mockery of the position by working full time as a cop, part time (or should I say no time?) as a lawmaker, AND still racking up tons of police overtime. Talk about nerve. She's either Superwoman or the Erie County Legislature is the place to be for scammers.

Now, a Democratic Committeeman from Hamburg is suing to have the Legislature stay at 15 members. He obviously was put up to this by current lawmakers. Looking to earn points with the professional dirtbags, he is all too willing to prostitute himself...

A Democratic committeeman— unconnected to the Legislature — has filed a lawsuit complaining that downsizing cannot take place this year anyway because of a technicality in state law. Democratic Elections Commissioner Dennis E. Ward has said the committeeman, Dennis F. Chapman of Hamburg, consulted with him before the papers were filed.

The Republicans note that Ward tried to block last year’s downsizing referendum by citing an obscure legal glitch. The GOP lawmakers later agreed in their news conference Thursday that the Republican elections commissioner, Ralph M. Mohr, cited the glitch as well, and both commissioners stood shoulder to shoulder when they were challenged in court.

In the long run, this is a good thing. The longer these crooks try to stall, the sooner residents will wake up and realize how irrelevant the body is. Do we need to pay this group of liars well over $500,000/year or should we just appoint a group of volunteer liars? The whole group needs to be eliminated. Don't listen to them when they tell us we need them. I can assure you their departure will not impact your life at all. They literally do nothing and get paid well for it.

Democrats criticized on remap


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