Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fossil unearthed in Erie County

I almost forgot about this longtime fossil. Former County Legislator/crook Al DeBenedetti has crawled out of his rathole to oppose reducing the size of the legislature...

"I'm not anti-reduction in the size of the legislature," says DeBenedetti. "I was there when the legislature was reduced from 17 to 15 members and I supported it. This is more about following the law. That's an obligation that each elected official has is to uphold the law."

Give me a break! Once a political hack. Always a political hack. DeBenedetti's not fooling anyone. Somebody shut this idiot up. The career politicians are doing everything they can to keep the seats, against the will of the people. The voters spoke loud and clear in November. They want to see less of clowns like DeBenedetti and more of their tax dollars. That they would unearth this jackass to the local media, is a slap in the face to all residents. Go away, scammer!


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