Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fear the beard

I can't believe I've never seen this guy before. San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson looks like Ulysses S. Grant on crack.

I was at Casa De Pizza on Elmwood, eating some very good wheat pene, when I happened to look up at the TV screen. At first, I thought that maybe he'd escaped from some of weekend pass. I've never seen someone look this ridiculous in my life.

Besides the size of the thing, the most striking part of Wilson's beard is the color. It is jet black, unlike his actual hair, which looks brown. Wilson looks like he might be in the witness protection program or a really big fan of Fidel Castro...

It's a matter of instinct, it's a matter of conditioning,
It's a matter of fact.
You can call me Pavlov's dog
Ring a bell and I'll salivate- how'd you like that?
Dr. Landy tell me you're not just a pedagogue,
cause right now I'm

Lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did
Well I'm lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did.


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