Monday, July 18, 2011

Letter to the editor- Sam Hoyt

A Buffalo News reader from Hamburg accurately points out how incompetence and failure are superseded by political connections in Andrew Cuomo's administration. Sam Hoyt proves that it pays to be the entitled son of a New York State lawmaker. 30 years of collecting dust in Albany, Andrew Cuomo rewards this blowhard with a fake job title. I blame the voters of North Buffalo. How could you people have been so stupid, to continuously reelect this imbecile?...

Hoyt's failures somehow gets rewarded with big post

I have to hand it to Sam Hoyt, here he is about to be kicked to the curb in a rigged district, and he gets a plum from the governor. The governor who promised ethics reform, promoted Hoyt. How does this guy do it?

Thomas C. Barrett


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