Monday, July 25, 2011

City Hall politricks

So much for Andrew Cuomo's peace deal. It only took Mayor Steve Casey about 72 hours to turn his back on the governor and the local Democratic party. Casey and Deputy Mayor Brown sent their hacks out to collect signatures for Larry Adamczyk and Ralph Pornandez. The two are looking to unseat incumbents Dave Franczyk and David Rivera, respectively. It says here, both were offered high paying jobs or some other perk by Mayor Casey in exchange for their candidacy.

Adamczyk is a former adviser to Dennis Gorski. I think he's a decent guy (probably because he gave me a job once). Pornandez must be trying to capitalize on the great job he's done in turning around Buffalo's schools. Brown was also probably trying to find someone to run against Mickey Kearns. South Buffalo has no shortage of chumps talking a good game in January, but when push comes to shove, they'd rather sit on the sidelines (or their bar stools). Kearns would have been tough to beat, giving the name recognition he earned in taking on Lord Byron in the mayor's race two years ago.

I could care less who wins in the Battle of the Puerto Ricans. However, Pornandez strikes me as a major weasel/turncoat, although I used to work with his niece and she was hot.

The Battle of the Polocks has to go to Adamczyk. Franczyk is little more than a fossil. He's had plenty of time to get things done in city hall and what are his accomplishments? The Fillmore district looks like the city of Beirut during the 1980's. Adamczyk at least has a sense of humor. Franczyk strikes me as a babbling bohunk.
Byron Brown to Andrew Cuomo: Take Your Deal and Shove It «

Political opportunist Mark Jaskula (sporting shades and a Village People-esque porn stashe), earns ass-kissing points by signing people into David Francyk's party on the Waterfront.

The pan rolled and found it's cover. This S. Bflo hack's been groomed to be a sycophant since childbirth. Come on Baj girl. Why not use your considerable talents and charisma and find a job in the private sector? On second thought, you might be better off continuing with the family business (kissing up mercilessly to entrenched incumbents).


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