Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm not trying to be evasive

Get ready to hear this for at least a year (until we run someone against him) from new school board President Lou Petrucci. I've been telling readers of this column for several months now that Petrucci is a known pathological liar. Listen to how evasive he is in this interview, regarding the future of Deputy Superintendent Folasade Oladele.

Petrucci now is acting as if he's with the public when it comes to the ridiculousness of Oladele's controversial buyout, conveniently forgetting/ignoring the fact he was one of six board members who voted for it two weeks ago! If he had any guts, he would have voted against the buyout. People I talk to within Petrucci's district are very upset about this move. Once a scammer, always a scammer...

Does anyone remember the Jon Lovitz character from Saturday Night Live (Tommy Flanagan) who seemingly lied about everything? After Petrucci finishes one of his blatant lies, he might as well just say, "yea, that's the ticket." ...



  1. I nominate you,Mr. Blake to run against this schmuck.

  2. hahaha. thank you. i might have too. i'm not intimidated by these fools.

  3. do run but be careful they are immune to common sense