Saturday, July 23, 2011

I've been doing a great deal of cycling this summer. I've found it's a great substitute for running (if you bike for longer periods) and much less stressful on the joints. My right ankle has pretty much been shot since I broke it 20 years ago.

I knew it had been a hot week but I thought it was supposed to be a little cooler yesterday. Anyway, I rode out to East Aurora to watch our u10s play at Knox Field. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes each way. Before yesterday, I had not known the entire town of Elma was on a hill. Looking over the guardrails, I was also unaware of how steep the gorge overlooking Cazenovia Creek was. You don't notice this when you're in a car. It really didn't seem that bad. Surprisingly, I was only sweating a little when I got home. I heard on the news, Buffalo set a record with a high temperature of 95 degrees. No wonder the few drops of rain I encountered at the end felt so good. Fifteen pounds down since March, ten more to go.


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