Saturday, June 4, 2011

Letters to the editor: Pinocchio skips important vote

This letter writer from Lackawanna pretty much sums up our inept school board...

Buffalo School Board needs to set priorities

The Buffalo School Board passing a budget when one member is absent (Louis Petrucci), another just resigned (Pamela Cahill) and two vote no (Mary Ruth Kapsiak and Rosalyn Taylor) is absurd. One dissenting board member simply wanted to hold off the vote until all questions could be answered, however, CFO for the school district, Barbara Smith, was going on vacation so the board decided to vote on the spot. Nice time to go on vacation, right after Superintendent James Williams returns. One comes back while the other leaves and dysfunction continues during this crucial time.

The next few weeks are critical for the future of our schools and children. The passing of this budget shows the lack of continuity of the board and its inability to come up with solutions as a group. It’s another result of the administration’s gross inability to function as a unit.

Alan Wynia


I'm sure Petrucci will have a good excuse/lie for why he was absent. He probably promised both sides he would support them. He's a pathological liar. If there was a vote to wash Ray McGurn's car or mow Jim Comerford's lawn, Pinocchio would have found a way to get there. Absent during a crucial vote on the budget is unacceptable and unprofessional, but we're not surprised. We're still waiting to see the college degree.
Buffalo School Board needs to set priorities


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