Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taylor Park grass saga

Some local residents called channel 2 after the city of Buffalo and the South Park High School custodial crew couldn't decide who was responsible for cutting the grass behind the neighbors' yards (which had grown three feet high). Perhaps Buffalo school officials wanted to hide under the grass after hearing that South Park was recently ranked 127th out of 133 WNY schools in Business First' annual rankings. The Blogger always has the statistics.

The guy at the 1:00 mark is hysterical as he rattles off all the numbers he called and the huge runaround each one gave him. Here is an article about a school district in Pennsylvania that is using sheep to cut their grass.

That's a great idea. Perhaps school officials can call the Democratic Committeemen of South Buffalo to cut the grass. Everyone knows what sheep they are. Those gutless losers will do whatever they're told. They have no pride or self respect. Everyone knows this...


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