Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Letter to the editor-NFTA out of the waterfront

I wonder how many drugs Penny is on? She is upset that the NFTA is selling the land on the waterfront. After 25 years of doing nothing, she thinks they were just on the brink of doing great things over there. That's the one thing I'll agree with Brian Higgins on. The NFTA has been nothing but an impediment to change. Getting them out of the picture is a great move for WNY...

Hate to see NFTA sell Small Boat Harbor

I was very disappointed to read that the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority is putting its property at the Small Boat Harbor up for sale. In the past several years, the Small Boat Harbor has changed from a utilitarian boat launch into a beautiful jewel of a facility. To its many slip holders and boating enthusiasts using the public ramps, or to its diners, who simply enjoy eating a delicious lunch or dinner at Dug’s Dive while watching the boats in the harbor, the Small Boat Harbor has finally become a destination of choice for our residents.

Finally, after years of waiting, the renovation of Fuhrmann Boulevard, with its new wide walkways, made the Small Boat Harbor easily accessible to any driver, biker or walker. It would be a shame to now have the NFTA “pull the plug” by selling the Boat Harbor to a private developer, potentially closing this waterfront access to the public forever.

Penny F. Zeplowitz


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  1. i love it when people from WILLIAMSVILLE know whats best for Buffalo. We should go to their town hall meetings and tell them what they should do with their parks. The first thing that needs to happen is put the sand back at 'WELFARE' beach, only in Buffalo would the people stand for a stone beach.