Thursday, June 16, 2011

Greedy Greeks

I thought it was bizarre earlier this year when Siegel sued Kahn. Now, the word from Ted's Hot Dogs is that Ted has been fired as Vice President (his grandson that is)...

It looks like Ted's and tastes like Ted's, but as a disclaimer on every tray at the Grand Island restaurant declares, Theodore's Red Hots is not affiliated with Ted's Hot Dogs.

The new Grand Island Boulevard restaurant is owned and operated by Theodore "Teddy" Liaros. His grandfather and namesake founded Ted's Hot Dogs in 1927. But he was terminated recently as vice president after 20 years in the family business.

Liaros and his wife, Beth, who was also fired, said that Ted's told them it wanted to go in a different direction and that they were apparently not part of the plan.

"To say we were caught by surprise would be an understatement," said Beth Liaros, chief financial officer at Theodore's.

What's the difference? The only one that was any good was the original Ted's on Porter Ave. Ever since they closed, it's been just another restaurant. To distance themselves from the previous restaurant, the new owners announced they will be serving horse meat...

Family famous for hot dogs parts ways


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