Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let the fraud begin

In accepting Folasade Oladele's resignation, the Buffalo School Board agreed to pay her $136,000 to do nothing for an entire year. Oladele, you might remember, is the genius who spoke with a straight face, about the merits of Ebonics. While it's good to see some inefficient heads begin to roll, one has to wonder how the board can approve such a generous offer. This is especially true when they are asking teachers to accept larger class sizes next year. The vote to hand out the $136,000 passed by a vote of 5-3...

Christopher L. Jacobs, Jason McCarthy and John B. Licata voted no. After the meeting, all three said they objected to the package that Oladele was given.

“I felt we were offering her too much to leave,” said McCarthy, who represents the North District.

“This runs counter to what I think is a priority in the district — teachers in the classroom,” Licata said. “We’re telling people there will be 30 kids in a classroom, and here we are, throwing away a salary. This is ill-advised.”

So South (Park) representative Lou "Pinnochio" Petrucci voted in favor of paying Oladele $136,000 to leave town. Thanks, Lou. This shows South Buffalo residents exactly where you stand. You had a chance to make a statement regarding your independence, and in typical fashion, you caved in to the powers that be. Stay tuned for more corruption in the coming weeks. James Kane: Is there a resignation letter in your future? We see lots of political appointees and very poor results. It might be time to start thinking seriously about selling cars.

Williams’ deputy resigning, as full year’s salary is OK’d



  1. Lou pretty much sealed his fate with this bonehead vote. What a discrace!!!!

  2. This Petrucci character sounds like a real pantywaste,am i correct?

  3. Is the Buffalo Control Board asleep on this one? They object to any spending for police, fire, teachers, etc.
    Where's Sam Radford and Darius Pridgeon and every other parents' indignation?
    $136k That is like two elementary teachers salaries.
    Someone should contact the attorney general and get charges rolling about the double dipping with her working principal academy while working on district time.