Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Erie County redistricting gaffe

All the towns colored in yellow would encompass one district under the Erie County Legislature's "protect their own hides" redistricting plan. Do they really think the residents of Erie County are that stupid?

I've been saying for years, the most unnecessary layer of government in Western New York is the irrelevant Erie County Legislature. It is a part time job with a full time staff member. They do nothing except pass the budget once a year.

Now, "Einstein" Whalen and the rest of the incompetents might have gotten a little too greedy, even by their own standards. Their redistricting process has been filled with politics. The whole process has been designed to ensure the reelection of each member. Some fool came up with a proposal to lump all the small towns into a huge "mega district", thus proving what I've said for the last three years. They are a completely unnecessary layer of government. They do nothing that the all volunteer Board of Managers did for years. It was nice to see the leaders of these towns and villages finally agreeing with me. Please tell me people will finally wake up and rid themselves of these career politicians, and the tight grip they've had on our wallets...

"This will bring an end to legislative government as we now know it," Pero said. "We will petition and force a referendum vote to return to a board of supervisors and mayors."

That would be a fairer way to represent residents, he said.

Mr. Pero: As soon as the petition is ready, we will do everything in our power to make sure it goes through South Buffalo. The Erie County Legislature is an ongoing joke (on the taxpayers). If these people are our representatives, please give us less representation.
Southtowns officials voice opposition to Dems' redistricting plan


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