Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mayor's latest money grab: the high grass scam

In his latest attempt to fleece more money out of Buffalo's already overburdened homeowners, mayor Steve Casey and his team of thoughtless goons have taken full advantage of our unseasonably wet spring. Despite the fact most city owned property remains uncut, mayor Casey is combing the area for high lawns to fleece more tax revenue. Don't worry. I'm sure the Comerfords and Keanes are exempt...

City enforcers have been slapping some property owners with tickets for having high grass.

Five of Buffalo’s nine lawmakers are calling on Mayor Byron W. Brown to void all summonses issued for grass that was at least 10 inches high, noting that the waterlogged region weathered its rainiest May in history.

“It’s hypocritical to give out tickets if your own lots are not maintained,” Delaware Council Member Michael J. LoCurto told The Buffalo News.

“Cut some people a little slack,” said Council President David A. Franczyk of Fillmore. “We had record rainfall. Don’t pounce on people.”

This would seem to follow the city's m.o. Instead of creating jobs or enticing people to move into the city, the mayor seems heart sent on making Buffalo a difficult place to live in. Red light cameras, alternate parking, high grass, etc. I cut my grass about a week ago. Because of the rain, it already needs to be cut again. Other residents don't have time to cut the grass every week. They are busy working two jobs, so they can avoid having to send their kids to Buffalo's troubled schools. No wonder those who can afford to, move out...

Chorus is cutting for mayor of Mowtown


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