Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Letters to the editor: The red light camera scam

A letter writer from East Aurora correctly points out that Mayor Casey's red light camera scam is just that. A scam. It's not a safety issue, but a for-profit venture by the city to fleece more taxpayers out of their hard earned money. We are still waiting for Casey to come up with one idea to encourage people to move into the city...

Red light cameras are another tax on citizens

I’m dismayed by those who describe red light cameras as a safety measure instead of what they really are—another way to tax citizens without calling it a tax. These cameras are generally administered by a “for profit” third party, with a cut of the profits going to the municipality. Both parties have a vested interest in manipulating the system to maximize the number of tickets issued. Since my space is limited here, do a Google search for “red light camera scams” to see how this is accomplished in other cities.

The idea that there are drivers who routinely and intentionally run red lights is questionable. If that were true, they would soon be removed from the driving pool via fatal accidents. The majority of offenders occasionally misjudge a traffic light, and pass through the intersection a fraction of a second late.

Michael Sartori

East Aurora

Good letter from Mr. Sartori. Brown, Casey, and Councilman GoLISPek: You're not fooling anyone. We're all on to your ridiculous money grabbing scams...

You don't have to put on the red light
You don't have to put on the red light...


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  1. A tax on the citizens? Yes, but maybe more to the point, a tax on the non-citizens. We can be Detroit. I just know it's possible.