Thursday, June 23, 2011

Buffalo News runs slander piece on Paladino

The Buffalo News continued it's petty, sophomoric attacks against Carl Paladino last week, accusing Paladino of embellishing his military service. People need to know the truth behind their cowardly agenda. Paladino, whether you agree with him politically or not, has fought for the removal of unnecessary thruway tolls, improving the Buffalo Public school system, and against the dysfunction taking place in Albany (wholeheartedly supported by The Buffalo News). His crime has been pointing out that the News has,either directly or indirectly, supported this corruption throughout the last 35 years. They rail against the problems of the state, yet continuously endorse the same career politicians year in and year out.

When I started this blog two years ago, I wondered whether my amateurish writing style would be on par with legitimate publications such as the News. Surprising to me, was how many mistakes and facts of error take place in the Buffalo News every day. So it was no surprise when I read this quote from Buffalo News' editor Stanley Lipsey (who still sports the silver spoon he was born with), talking about what he found out about Carl Paladino through, of all sites, Wikipedia...

"Yet when you search for Paladino on the internet, Wikipedia pops up with his bio and says he spent three years on active duty in the Army. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, has become one of the main sources of information on the internet."

If Stanley Lipsey had spent any time in 6th or 7th grade classrooms, he would know that Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source by legitimate scholars. Teachers routinely tell their students they cannot use it as a source in term papers (because it is filled with false information and untruths). Anyone can use it to slander or make something up about one of their enemies. The Buffalo News itself did a piece a few years ago, about malicious things people were putting on the Wikipedia pages of local officials (most of which were untrue). It makes you wonder whether Lipsey even reads his own paper.

I spent most of last summer selling my t-shirts and bumper stickers at Paladino events. I never once heard him brag about his military service during countless speeches. I specifically remember him honoring a veteran at an event at Fontana's Picnic Grove. (I heard the speech as I was trying to load up on free pizza and chicken wings). He thanked the young man, but never tried to sell himself as any sort of military hero. This is yet another hatchet job by the Buffalo News. I'll leave you with a quote from their Wikipedia page to show how ludicrous they are...

In 2009, Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, called his continued ownership of the newspaper "not totally rational", saying that the industry's practice of giving away its online content when charging for it in print has been a mistake.

Yea, but if everyone read the Buffalo News online, what would bird owners use to line their cages?


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  1. Why are people shocked and surprised when they find erroneous reporting coming out of Scott St.? Anyone who facies themselves informed knows the Buffalo News is a rag.