Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blogger executes order #66: Williams on his way out

I've been calling for Dr. Williams head for awhile now. As soon as order #66 is executed, it will be time for others members of his administration to follow suit. Williams and company had a chance to make a difference. He came here vowing to make reforms. Instead, he/they chose to go with the typically corrupt members of Buffalo's status quo. What they took for granted was the Blogger's ability to relay information to the people. From WGRZ...

Buffalo, N.Y. -- Buffalo's School Board met in executive session Wednesday night for more than two hours and spent part of that time discussing the future of Superintendent Dr. James Williams.

Sources tell 2 On Your Side they want to buy out his contract, which could cost more than $100,000.

A few weeks ago, Williams announced that he will leave his job one year from now. Wednesday night, he said he has no further comment and had no reaction to the rumors that the board wants him to leave much sooner than his retirement date.

Here is some footage of order #66 being carried out. Stay tuned. There will be more carnage to come in city hall, sooner rather than later. Mark the Blogger's words...

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