Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Board votes to keep Williams for one more year

The Buffalo School Board, led by Ralph Pornandez, have decided to keep Dr. Williams around for another year. No surprise there. What I did find surprising was this quote from school board member Lou Petrucci...

Petrucci said he had been hearing a number of concerns from his constituents in South Buffalo regarding Williams staying on for another year. Among them: public statements Williams had made indicating he thought the next superintendent should be black.

He said other concerns included the year's salary and benefits that the board recently approved for outgoing Deputy Superintendent Folasade Oladele, along with the recent drop in Buffalo's four-year graduation rate -- from 53 percent to 47 percent.

Yeah Lou. If you think the constituents are upset about you voting for Oladele's $168,000 buyout, wait until election time. There either was a shady deal here or you are completely oblivious to the way people in South Buffalo feel about city hall types. To vote for this buyout was unconscionable and the people I've spoken to are angry about it. The entire school board should be removed.

Board will not terminate superintendent's contract


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