Friday, June 3, 2011

Life imitating last name

You couldn't make something this ridiculous up. A Congressman named Weiner allegedly sent out a picture of his weiner to a constituent in her early 20s. First, he said his computer was hacked. Now, he is refusing to deny that the picture is of his (insert crude word here).

"I didn't send the picture out," Weiner told MSNBC's Luke Russert in a televised interview.

"That's not a picture of you?"

"You know, I can't say with certitude. My system was hacked. Pictures can be manipulated. Pictures can be dropped in and inserted," Weiner replied.

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The best part of this story is how the congressman initially tried to play the whole thing off as another joke on his last name. Then, when asked to deny it was him in the picture, he refused. It says here, he sent out the picture himself, the sick weirdo. It kind of reminds me of a few months back when Congressman Eric Massa was accused of tickling his male staffers. At first, he tried to say they were all just wrestling on the floor, goofing around, and tickling each other. Then, people explained to him that most straight guys don't wrestle and tickle other guys with any sort of regularity on a normal work day. It was a nice try on his part, though. Let's not forget Larry Craig, the Senator from Idaho, who tried tapping on the foot of the guy next to him (who happened to be a cop) in the bathroom stall at the airport. He said he didn't mean anything suggestive by it. He said he just had a "wide stance." And yet we continuously elect these freaks to multiple terms.

This Weiner jackass needs to fess up and get off of the national stage, immediately. His is clearly the weiner in question. Now, if your last name was Weiner and you were a U.S. Congressman, wouldn't you avoid sending out dirty pictures of your weiner to 21 year olds? Perhaps he was looking for more national name recognition. This guy is a moron. I hope the bloggers and other journalists keep digging into this story more. Is that all these clowns in Washington do all day (send out pictures of their body parts to interns and transvestites)?

Rep. Anthony Weiner won’t deny lewd photo is of himself

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