Sunday, February 10, 2013

Detective speaks out in Wienckowski case

The truth is slowly beginning to come to the surface in the case of Amanda Wienckowski. Wienckowski is the young woman whose remains were found inside a stolen garbage tote off of Clinton 2009. In a Buffalo News article today, a recently retired detective raised some troubling questions about how the case was handled by the Erie County Medical Examiners. Mark Lauber admits that he and his fellow investigators never agreed with the County labeling Amanda's cause of death as a drug overdose.

“We realized right away the cause of death was not from a lethal amount of opiates for someone who used heroin every day,” Lauber said.

“So we called the medical examiner’s toxicologist, and he agreed with us but said they could not find another cause of death and went ahead and listed it as an accidental drug overdose,” Lauber said.
The detectives didn’t believe there was enough heroin in her system to cause an overdose.

The Examiners did not have a definitive cause of death, but they did know  she didn't have enough drugs in her system for it to be a drug overdose. Yet, they listed her death as a drug overdose? This makes no sense at all. A second pathologist reportedly felt the cause of death should have been "undetermined." Why they chose to call her death a drug overdoes is what people want to know.

Buffalo detectives want the public to know they did everything correctly on their end. They believe Amanda died accidentally during rough sex with Antoine Garner (the last person known to have seen her alive). Garner is behind bars for strangling a prostitute a few months back in an abandoned house. Luckily, she lived to testify against him. 

The public knows who caused Amanda's death. It's just a matter of time before justice catches up with him.

Breaking silence in Wienckowski’s death*

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