Sunday, February 3, 2013

Buddy's Super Bowl pick- Place your bets

 Buddy the Book reported to me from a bar on Clinton St. with his Super Bowl prediction. I, too, like the 49ers today...

Recently, I was at a local watering hole on East Clinton.  I was holding fort with the "Lurch" and having a cold one with an A+ meal.  Its one of those opinionated days...
 BUT it looks like Absentee Republican "Do nothing" Sheriff Howard of Mayberry was holding a 2nd Amendment press conference.  I think some of his handlers should keep this guy away from a microphone.  This guy looks like he shit his pants during any type of response to a question.  Speaking of frauds it looks like ole Republican promise maker Stephan Michalou is feeling the wrath from one of his buddies.  It looks like ole Babcock Babalonian Steph failed to tell the truth with regards to his guarantee of jobs to only the 'qualified." The Republican hack named as his chief of staff is nothing short of a long lists of mediocre names and lazy people.  I remember ole Steph getting those hack jobs at Kenmore and Buffalo school Districts.  I also remember ole Steph failing to return phone calls with detailed messages while working his "no show" job at Kenmore.  A job as a spokesperson? Wow! is this why we pay administrators???? 
Super Bowl Play Ravens (+4)  over 9ers.  This is a tough play.  My playoff record is 7-3 with a big win with Atlanta.  The devasting loss with the Patriots and good buddy Belichik.  My overall record for Super Bowll is 23-7.  I have lost the last 2 and know I'm due! 
It looks like ole Ninj and buddy Sal are going with the 9ers.  Hell - I think that is a clear indication of a lock!  Good Luck Gamblers!  1-800-bud-wins

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