Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Rooster Rambles

 The City Hall Rooster gives his two cents on the recent closing of Catholic schools in Buffalo...

I was at the Office the other day (McKinley Park OTB ), when a conversation broke out between Miniscule Mike and Planet Fitness Rick. The chat was about the closings of Catholic Schools. Rick, (a former president of Mensa International) and Mike (a former president of the Chinese Buffet and  dumb ass club ), were at it hot and heavy. The Rooster had to interject.The Bird had to remind the  2 presidents that way back in 1970, the Franciscan Friars shut St. Patrick's school on Seymour and Emslie.There wasn't even tuition yet.Were the Friars able to see the future

 Buffet Mike said that maybe the Friars read Amsterdam's Quadrants ( we think he meant Nostradamus' Quatrains). Were the Friars seeing the future? P F Rick brought up the closings of St. Monica's and St. Stephens in the early 70's.The feathered one mentioned St.Brigid's, OLPH and St. Valentine's. When Valentine's was mentioned, Mike talked about candy. In1981, Sr. Sally Walz had a plan to consolidate the schools. Send all the 7th. & 8th. graders  to a  catholic school in S.Buff. Send 5th. & 6th. to another and so on with all Pre K and K going to St. John's on Seneca St. She had the busing all set. Her idea sounded great. It was all set. Until the night before the grand announcement, when 3 of our Pastors pulled out because " their parish will never falter". 

By 1985 St.Johns was closing and plans were in the works for a Pre K program. St. Agatha's had low numbers,St. Teresa's was floundering, Holy Family was on its way down. NOBODY CARED, IT WASN'T THEIR PARISH.  St. Tommy's closed and merged with St. Martins and became Notre Dame. All I ever heard from the good Catholics were comments like,"Good, I don't have to sell candy anymore", or " Good, I don't have to work Bingo anymore" or "Now I  will never have to give another church envelope". 

This ISN"T  the religion my parents taught me. We were Roman Catholics and we were better than this.We helped each other. We didn't turn our backs on anyone. Ha ! What  a bunch of CRAP that turned out to be. Now, we have spokespeople for the Diocese and the Priest. All of a sudden priest cant talk from the heart. Their spokespeople talk for them. Cardinals and Bishops sound more like politicians these days. What ever happened to guys like  the reverend Fulton J. Sheehan? He talked about the Lord, added his Irish witticisms, and it was fun to listen to him. Well, the conversation always came back to the bottom line: MONEY. The  richest religion in the world could have sold some artifacts. Some nut would have purchased them for a crazy amount.What good is the Pieta to a religion if there's not a school teaching that religion? Mike just said that he could go for some Pieta Bread(think he means Pita). At least Mike is loyal to his religion:FOOD. By the way he is Known as Miniscule Mike because he said he hurt his miniscule in his knee,we think he meant meniscus. PF Rick learned a lesson from this, don't get in a conversation with Miniscule Mike. AMEN BROTHERS

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