Friday, February 15, 2013

Fish thief

Sad day for the neighborhood. Jason D'Anthony, a real, non-political community activist, spent quite an amount of time creating this sign promoting a fish fry at Mount Mercy Academy. The sign was promptly taken down about an hour before the event by an overzealous person masquerading as a community activist. Some people will do anything to get attention. Very unfortunate, but not the least bit surprising.

What surprises many people is that the clique would stoop so low as to hurt a fundraiser for one of our few remaining Catholic  schools. They are extremely confrontational and I think many people have reached the limits of their patience in dealing with them. In fact, all I'm doing is reporting the fact that someone in their entourage took the time to remove an innocuous wooden fish. Yet, I'm sure I'll be the one demonized for being a bad neighbor. Sorry, but the people who took down the fish (and their neighborhood leader) are the ones at fault here.

Yesterday, I went to Ted's and had two chicken sandwiches. ( I know. I'm going to hell.) However, next Friday, I will be driving by and grabbing a fish fry at Mount Mercy (they have a drive thru) in honor of Jason's hard work and the now famous wooden fish.



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