Friday, February 22, 2013

Nobody in charge

Way to be on top of things Mayor Brown and Streets Commissioner Stepniak. Two weeks after the Labatt's Pond Hockey Tournament that Wasn't, and the entire area on the waterfront is still littered with trash...

Fisherman Carl Shenk said, "I had to say something. Because it's plastic. It's going to be there forever."

From cardboard boxes, to banners, even to pieces of the party tents, trash litters the parking lot. But Shenk says what really got to him were the hundreds of plastic rings left over from six-packs, lying all over the pavement.

"That's not biodegradable, like the cardboard. You know, I fish the river all summer. I don't want to be pulling up plastic and dead fish that are caught in it, or ducks," Shenk said.

Two weeks! Wouldn't you think someone in the mayor's office would step up and take responsibility? I'm sorry I asked. Perhaps they were busy pulling off another One Sunset deal or bailing the mayor's delinquent son out of jail again. Keep up the great work guys. Detroit and Flint, Michigan: Here we come!

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