Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rooster ramblings

 I met with the City Hall Rooster in an old abandoned Republic Steel building last week. And he had this to say on his Super Bowl prediction...

The Bird thought he would be crowing with his 10-1 San Fran bet in Vegas. During the week, I consulted some of the finest gamblers I know:Old Rick,OTB Larry,Big Dan, (better known as the 3 wise men) and my mom.

I was told by the 3 Wisemen to back up my play, bet a few G's on the Ravens in case San Fran doesn't win it. Bet both ways and hope for a middler (when one team wins and the other team covers the spread). When hearing that Crispy Maeder was betting the 49'ers, I knew my play was doomed. Crispy hasn't had a winner since 1987. So, I backed up my play. Mom, as always, had the winning system, she said play the team with purple in their uniform. 

Speaking of winning,a former co worker of mine "Bocce Ball" Rusty e-mailed me recently and asked me for my recipe for BBQ burgers. 

His wife was entering a contest for the best burgers and she remembered that she liked the way the Bird puts his seeds together.Well congrats to the lovely and Beautiful Michelle who won the contest and the $250 prize.Wait I left out "smart" Michelle for using the Bird's recipe. I hope the Coor's Light Lady reads this one. Larry, we are all praying for you.

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