Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Rising fuel prices

I agree with this letter writer from Holland, NY. People need to open their eyes to the things going on around them. Congressmen hold press conferences about trivial things like steroids in baseball and NFL blackouts, yet do nothing about the rising costs of gasoline. For people living paycheck to paycheck, gas costs are a huge issue.

In NY state, much of the cost can be attributed to our ridiculously high state taxes, yet you won't hear a peep on this issue from our Assemblymen or State Senators. Why are we paying them $90,000 per year again? Useless...

Politicians must act to reduce fuel prices

Paying $4 a gallon for fuel is ridiculous! Wake up, New York. Wake up, America. Get informed and get involved. Are your wages going up as fast as the fuel prices or food prices? No. But your failing presidents and political minions are. When will people start to complain? When will they take five minutes and tell all the politicians to do their job or get out? I’m tying an American flag on my antenna to show them all I protest the job politicians are doing and to protest the way-too-high price of fuel.

Frank Kolbmann

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