Monday, January 21, 2013

Erie County voters are not this stupid

When I read Bob McCarthy's political column today, I couldn't believe my eyes...

Have you heard the one about State Sen. Tim Kennedy running for county comptroller this year? Not true.

But a tad of logic made this rumor almost logical. Kennedy barely survived a primary challenge from County Legislature Chairwoman Betty Jean Grant last fall, spending about $400,000 to win by a handful of votes. Grant almost knocked him off with $20,000.

Most people in WNY are onto Kennedy's pathetic act. They've been informed by myself and others about his limited intelligence and selfish nature. He'll never get elected to anything again once he is removed from Albany in the next election. He's damaged goods. Everyone knows this. He's made so many enemies throughout the district. The News writes it off to "demographics." What they really mean is there are many more black people in his district than in years past. However, what McCarthy and others might not know is that Kennedy is despised by many white South Buffalo voters, also. The only supporters he has left are a select group of very dumb people from the neighborhood clique. The people who owe their jobs to Brian Higgins. The people who do whatever they are told to by Brian Higgins. The people with limited intelligence/self respect. There's one on every street.

I'm hoping local developer Carl Paladino uses his financial muscle to help send Kennedy packing in 2014. Paladino recently called Kennedy and Mark Grisanti "cowards" for their gun control vote last week. More upsetting than the actual vote, many residents were unhappy with the way it was pushed through hastily without any debate or public input.

Kennedy will do whatever he is told by Brian Higgins and Andrew Cuomo. He doesn't stand for anything. His constituents are well aware of this and will be much more organized in getting rid of him this time. Prediction: Kennedy will be given a much deserved demotion-cleaning the floors at the local Walmart.

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