Friday, January 25, 2013

Carl's Yes-Man: Mickey Kearns


I hope when Carl Paladino takes over the Buffalo Public School system, he surrounds himself with smarter people than he does in his business life. There are a lot of canaries down at the Ellicott Square Building and I laugh at what I'm hearing from them.

Interesting that Paladino would seek input from Mickey "King of all Studies" Kearns.

People are finally beginning to smarten up on Kearns. He sold himself as this great fund raiser before running for office. Just wondering when New York state taxpayers are going to see some of his "brilliance" put to use? Kearns likes to compare himself to Jimmy Griffin, however, he's the only one doing so these days. Griffin would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how much Kearns had already sold out his constituents. Kearns lies so much, he can't even keep track of the lies he's telling. Mickey's tiresome shtick will work in the short term but gets old very fast.

No craziness here. Just a guy who calls it as he sees it. Hopefully, when Paldino reforms the Buffalo Public Schools, he'll be smart enough to not surround himself with hangers-on. See that table over there, Carl? That's Kearns bringing nothing to it.

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