Monday, January 7, 2013

Hollywood phonies exposed

I make no secret of the fact that I favor increased gun control laws in this country. However, I couldn't agree more with the NRA's response to the celebrities who came out with their anti gun Demand a Plan commercial in response to the Connecticut shooting. The NRA came up with these hilarious pictures illustrating the hypocrisy of these Hollywood frauds...
Foxx's role in the film 'Django Unchained' has been criticized
Jaime Foxx came in for the most criticism

                                                                    Jamie Fox

 Stranding up: Reese Witherspoon is one of the many celebrities featured in the 'Demand a Plan' campaign to call for tougher gun control restrictions Dark side: Despite being known for starring in comedies like 'Legally Blonde', Witherspoon has played violent roles - including this scene where she executes a man
                                Reece Witherspoon

Several gun-toting scenes from Renner's movies were featured in the video
Jeremy Renner has starred in several action movies

Actor Jeremy Renner is somber in the commercial, but here he is playing the role of a killer in one of his action films.

Hamm picked up a shotgun in his new movie 'The Town'
Jon Hamm is best known for his role on Mad Men

 Here's actor Jon Hamm with a shotgun in his 2010 movie The Town.

Support: Cameron Diaz was one of the stars asking for a ban on 'assault weapons' and restrictions on magazine capacityViolent: Diaz robbed a bank and threatened to shoot patrons in her 1997 movie 'A Life Less Ordinary'

Cameron Diaz asked for a ban on assault weapons in the short video. Here she is holding up a bank in the 1987 movie A Life Less Ordinary.

Watch this video and tell me who these people think they are telling the average American anything. How about sticking to acting and singing, which most of them do poorly anyway?

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