Monday, January 7, 2013

Strange reason for decrease in violent crime

And you thought it was because of Midnight Basketball... Violent crime has been falling in the US for years. Experts have floated all sorts of theories, ranging from the legalization of abortion to advances in policing techniques. However, none of these have actually fit the facts. Until now.

One man has pointed out that the switch from leaded to unleaded gasoline in the 1970's, of all things, directly corresponds to the decrease of violent crime rates in America. In other words, once they took the lead out of our gasoline, Americans became less violent and crazy. From Newser...

In fact, studies show the same correlation in countries around the world, six US cities, and even a New Orleans neighborhood. "When they overlay [lead concentrations] with crime maps," says one researcher, "they realize they match up."

There you go. The truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Don't say you never learn anything from the Blogger. Now you know the rest of the story...

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