Sunday, January 27, 2013

The return of the Rooster

A courier met me underneath the Tifft Street Bridge the other day with this message from the City Hall Rooster. The opinionated Rooster talks about a variety of subjects ranging from Lance Armstrong to his Super Bowl pick...

The Rooster is back from his sabbatical with the Tibetan Monks and has become very philosophical....

-Many people call what Lance Armstrong did cheating. The bird calls it improvising to win. Isn't it funny that the IOC froze his urine and waited for years to be able to test it? I crow BULLSHIT. And before the cock crows BULLSHIT three times, you will agree.They had the capabilities to test him but they didn't want to burst their own bubble. "Tour de Lance" was marketable. Those birds only concern was to promote biking.The phrase Tour de Lance was catchy and a money maker. The officials of the IOC cheated, they knew most cyclers were doping and so did NADA. So who was cheated? US. 

The Post Office claim to have been goosed. Baloney. Again it was us. Postal stamps continued to rise during Lance's bike runs,the Post Office lost money during his runs, but they gave Lance 30 million dollars worth of sponsorship. Again who got cheated? Those of us who buy the stamps. What company loses billions yearly but gives away 30 mil to sponsor bike racers? Don't worry,were saved. Our politicians are gonna hold congressional meetings to investigate Lance and ask a bunch of questions that Oprah already asked. 

There's a pattern here. Again, we are getting screwed.The politicos are meeting on our dimes.They are wasting our Bucks to get to the bottom of this, instead of meeting to create some jobs. The boys in Washington are honest though, they are accepting payoffs daily to vote a certain way. They call these payoffs lobbying. Hell, its downright Bullshit. That's the 3rd time I said Bullshit and I said by the 3rd one you would be seeing it my way. WELL. Who cares about Lance  doping? It seems to me that we're all doped up because we allow this CRAP to continue. Ive been cheated, how about you?

-On another note the Rooster said at the beginning of the year that the  NY JETS would suck. The future prediction is that Rex Ryan Will be coaching Detroit after next year and the Bills will pick a QB from Arkansas. Remember where you heard it.The Rooster also needs someone to help him bring home his cash from Vegas after the 49er's win the Bowl. The odds were 10  to  1 in August. Although Uncle McGiven cautioned the the Bird on that play, it was done anyway. San Fran  26  Baltimore 23

*(I agree with the Rooster. I like San Francisco as well. Quarterback is very good, defense is tough. Baltimore QB Flacco has been playing well, but has been inconsistent in the past.)

(Regarding Armstrong: I read where Armstrong was paying off the doping group to delay their findings. Also, didn't the US Post Office sponsor the America's Cup yacht race a few years back? First of all, they are not a company. It's our tax dollars. Secondly, if you're losing millions of dollars a year, how can you sponsor anything? I could never figure that out. Are people going to buy more stamps because some guy won a bike race?) 

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