Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Part-time lawmakers, Full-time liars

Imagine making $80,000/yr for part time work. That's what members of the New York State Assembly and Senate delegations pull in. And yet, many have the audacity to campaign for a pay raise. These people need to come down to reality and see how the rest of us live. It is unbelievable how detached they are from mainstream citizens. From WGRZ...

The Senate will be in session just 57 days this year; the Assembly regular session will last 59 days.

Neither body will be in session for a single Friday, and the session only lasts through June. The Assembly actually has 2 weeks in which members will only be in session for a single day.

The base pay for lawmakers is $79,500, although most make more for committee and leadership positions; all get extra in per diem pay. That's one of the highest salaries among any legislative body in the country.

It hasn't taken Mickey Kearns too long to pick up the Albany habit of lying through one's teeth, either. From the same article...

"I think it's a part-time job," Kearns said. "Even though I work full time, I think that if we were in session for the whole year, it would be a full-time job."

Bahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahhaha! Come on, Mickey Paladino! Did you really think the Blogger was going to let you get away with this outright whopper? Stop it. Assemblyman Paladino went on to say that New York might need to conduct a $5.7 million study on this issue.  

Kearns needs to stop lying to the people of South Buffalo who elected him. He sounds like Chris Fahey when he said he knocked on 11,000 doors during the campaign. If you think Mickey works 40 hours a week (not counting campaigning), you probably had 10 Grand on Notre Dame last night

Watch this short clip from WGRZ and open your eyes to these crooks. While on the campaign trail, Mickey said he would be taking on Sheldon Silver. I will be holding him accountable on this and reporting to you, the readers. So far, all I see is more of the same nonsense. If we wanted nonsense, we would have voted for Higgins' lackey. Trust me. You aint going to get the truth from Keith Radford and Joanna Pasceri. There's only one source of truth in this town...

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