Saturday, January 5, 2013

Buddy the Book reports from Miami

As recently as last month, Buddy the Book was operating out of the old Sky Room on Seneca St. Business was terrific until the feds put an end to things. Buddy wants everyone to know he is alive and well and sent in this email from an undisclosed location in Florida...

Hello from beautiful Miami! Its one of those opinionated days... BUT Russ Brandon is back! Who? This clown should have been fired as part of the house cleaning at one Bills Drive. This team is not in the business of winning. You look around the medicore NFL and see nothing but the same ole teams in the playoffs. The key point being these teams have a solid foundation of winning, not losing. The organization is now trying to sell us on some car wash attendant name Whaley??? The other day the Snooze showed a picture of this guy and he looked pretty stoned! The man must like his herb! This team is a total embarassment to Loserville NY. This will continue as long as we have Wilson around. This guy is just in the business of hood winking this community with BS slogans and a choker joker coaching staff.

I offered my services several years ago. If they hired my good buddy Jimmy Johnson from the broadcast booth to coach the Jills, I would have picked him up at the airport. Is there any truth to the rumor that the Ninj has been driving around and around at one Jills drive? The Ninj has an outstanding balance owed to local bookmakers dating back to the 70's. Pay Up!

Plays: Houston (-4.5) over Cinnci, Minnesota (+7.5) over GB, Indy (+6.5) over Baltimore. The fourth play is the game of the week. I like Seattle (-3) over Washington. (I am having an NFC party for this classic).

I met with my good buddy Nick Saban last weekend, and the feeling is that this looks like a tough play. I am gonna go with the Irish outright (+10) over Alabama. I think that the interesting match up will be the Irish front seven vs Alabama's O line. The Irish will need to minimize the Tide's running game. They will also need 3 turnovers. This should be a "dandy." This is a challenge. Saban likes to cover point spreads. Buddy the Book's NFL record is 40-31 including Thanksgiving. Call Buddy at 1-800- BUD-WINS. You wanna stop seeing your local bookie's girlfriend wearing diamond necklaces??? Call BUDDY NOW!

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