Thursday, December 29, 2011

Western NY Grinch arrested

The judge in this case will hopefully take Anthony Mills' previous arrest record into account when it comes time for sentencing. The "Western NY Grinch" has been arrested over 42 times with at least 10 felony convictions during his long and illustrious career...

The sheriff said he could not believe “the boldness” of Mills, who allegedly recruited two teenage boys and a female friend to help him stage daylight burglaries, primarily using rental cars.

The teens fled, and one of them dropped an unloaded pistol while leaving the scene. Sheriff’s investigators have the .38-caliber pistol, Howard said.

Mills, and a 39-year-old Mills Street woman, and the two teen males, 17 and 18, from Buffalo, likely will be charged with at least four recent daylight home burglaries — three on Grand Island and one in Elma committed since early November, the sheriff said.

So, they're driving around towns during the day, when other people are at work. Work? What a novel idea. They are carrying guns in case they get surprised by homeowners or children returning home from school. If there was ever a case where the judge needs to send a message to other career minded criminals, it's this one. Who are the judges that had this scumbag walking the streets after being convicted of committing 10 felonies? That is the second crime here. The fact is, Mills and his cohorts knew that the odds were in their favor and the punishment would not outweigh the crime. Apparently, in this case, crime paid. I wonder how many robberies they committed where they weren't caught?

Image of ‘Grinch’ is raised in arrest


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