Monday, December 19, 2011

Uncle Phil vs Aunt Amber

The Federal government says that 50% of the teachers at lower performing schools need to be replaced in order for the district to receive millions in funding. Uncle Phil Rumore says over his dead body, as it violates the teachers' contract. Everyone seems to agree that this game of musical chairs with the teachers makes no sense.

The question I have is who are the idiots at the federal level that think it's a good idea? The teachers in these buildings are not the problem nor the cause of the problem. They are dealing with a very rough population of students. Throwing money at the problem won't help. The interim superintendent, the parents, and the teachers at the lower performing schools need to come up with better ideas. Many (not all) of these students come from dysfunctional homes. This is a major cause of the schools' problems. I think smaller class sizes at these schools would be a good start. Many of these kids do not know how to deal with resolving minor conflicts with classmates. They are used to watching the adults in their lives yell and swear at each other when they don't get their way.These students become a major distraction to the others and need to be separated from them. Why has my son been separated from the rest of the class? Because your son throws a tantrum every time he doesn't get his way. One word you'll hear every day if you work in Buffalo is "outburst"...

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