Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gingrich: Bad used car salesman

Newt Gingrich should have no chance of winning the Republican nomination for President. From what I'm reading about him, even his baggage has baggage. His ex wife says he was cheating on her with a staffer in her 20s. At the same time, he was giving speeches on family values...

In the interview, the second Mrs. Gingrich said that when she found out about the affair, her husband asked her to just tolerate it. She said she declined.

Gingrich, according to Marianne, “believes what he says in public and how he lives don’t have to be connected.” A short while after this incident, Gingrich gave a speech stressing family values. Marianne says she asked him about the disconnect. “It doesn’t matter what I do,” she quoted him as saying, “people need to hear what I have to say.”

Newt also told the pastor of his church the reason he stopped attending church services was because the church was no longer in his district (after redistricting.) But that didn't stop Gingrich from claiming to be an active deacon at the same church. So, in his mind, the purpose of the church was to serve his political goals. Now, that's a man with strong faith. Talk about a fraud...

Several years earlier, as he was approaching the end of his first year as speaker, Gingrich gave a speech to a conference of evangelical pastors at Liberty University, founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell. The address was heavy on God and morality and the need to reestablish a spiritual base in America, a recurring Gingrich refrain. At the time, he was having an affair with a House staffer then in her twenties, Callista Bisek.

After that speech, in response to a question, Gingrich explained that he didn’t attend religious services because a Democratic-led redistricting had put his church outside his district. As a candidate in his early congressional campaigns, he proudly proclaimed he was a deacon in that Baptist church.

And after all of this (and a lot more), Gingrich still feels he would make a good President? Would somebody get this clown off the national stage?


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  1. Sounds like Joe Theismann,several years ago he spoke at Timon bragging about being a great family man and the next month his wife caught him cheating.