Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wack pack's NFL picks: week thirteen

My apologies to Buddy the Book, MacGavis, and the Rooster, as I was unable to post last week's picks in time. It's been a crazy few weeks. Haven't been blogging as much as usual. I'd give you the reasons but you're probably already bored enough.

For the record, MacGavis was 5-0 last week. I believe him, as we contacted the Earl of Kelly for verification. He says the picks were submitted over a pint of Guinness at O'Daniel's on Abbott Road. Interestingly enough, the Earl also admitted to helping John Hinkley Jr. attempt to assassinate President Reagan in the same conversation. This week, the Rooster wisely says "it's the NFL. Pick the teams with the pretty uniforms." Good advice. This week, MacGavis is going with Pittsburgh, Detroit, NY Giants, Redskins, and the Buffalo Bills.

Buddy continues to be banned from the Ninja's restaurant for giving the food a D rating. Both claim to have put the other on "the freeze" first. A phrase often used by the Ninja. This week, Buddy says to go with Kansas City, Detroit, Indy, Cincinnati, and the NY Giants.


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